Directorate of Statistics and Information Technology

About Directorate of Statistics and Information Technology

This department was established by university decree number (7/29/29) on (2011/2/26), and on (2011/3/27) by university decree number (78/29/7) with other departments were appointed staff.

List of duties and responsibilities of the Directorate:

The work of the Directorate of Planning, Statistics and Information Technology is divided into two areas

First: Statistics and Data Bank:

In this field, data and information of all teachers, employees and students are available in the statistics department and information bank, which is collected annually from these statistics. Any personal information will be collected from this information when necessary.

Second, information technology

All the works related to information technology are done through the departments of this department, including repairing computers, printers and photocopiers, as well as creating taxes for all employees, teachers and students, creating databases for the departments and departments that need them according to their requirements. Also opening courses and training for teachers and employees, as well as opening courses for students who conduct summer internships in this department, as well as supervising and monitoring the Internet, and some of the employees of this department participate in practical lessons.

Administrative email: [email protected]

Managing Director Mobile Number: 07732639528

Directorate of Statistics and Information Technology Staffs