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The Training and Continuing Development Center was founded by the University of Raparin in 2019. The name was later renamed to Center for Pedagogical Training and Academic Development. The continuing teacher development program is part of a larger framework at the University of Raparin. As the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (henceforth MHE) has come to the understanding that the traditional teaching practices are no longer effective in Kurdistan, a number of methods have been adopted to update the teaching and learning standards to the international level so that both students and higher education institutions could enter and strive in a rapidly changing international education atmosphere. One of the steps the MHE has taken is the implementation of the Bologna Process which includes the following:
1. Applying the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) in higher education institutions across Kurdistan.
2. Modern pedagogy and competence-based education
3. Student-centered teaching approaches
4. Utilizing digital tools to make learning environments varied and flexible (possibly blended learning)
5. Internationalization and accreditation
University of Raparin has already taken important steps. The Bologna Process was implemented at five departments for the 2018-2019 academic year, and the expansion plan has been developed for the 2019-2020 academic year to include more departments. To meet the requirements of the system, the University of Raparin began its teacher development program in 2019. The 1st round of the program included 24 hours training in ICT, 6 hours training in assessment and another 24 hours in teaching and learning methods with international experts, Dr. Marian McCarthy of UCC, Ireland and Dr. Amanda Clinton, senior officer at the American Psychology Association, and Dr. Eva Trnova from Masaryk University, Czech Republic.
In order to continue and organaize the training programs, a new Center for Pedagogical Training and Academic Development was opened in 2019. The new center builds on previous efforts and proposes new ideas to better serve the university policy for teacher and other staff development. The intended programs will be developed on three basic pronciples which are the university policy for teachers and non-teaching staff training, a curriculum for the programs and a system , mosy likely the ECTS to systematize teacher certification.
To train teachers to become certified professionals according to the Professional Standards developed by the University of Raparin, and to provide continuing development training for administrative staff to perform more efficiently and better manage their daily tasks.
Our vision is a university in which all teachers are fully equipped with what a 21st century teaching job requires and the administrative staff is fully trained. We dream of a university that prepares students to become responsible individuals in the society who are able to make a decent living with the skills they learn. We strive to change the way we teach, educate and prepare the future generations of Kurdistan.
Mohammed Rasul Murad
MA English Studies, University of Waterloo, Canada
Diploma in Pedagogy, Hame University of Applied Sciences, Finland
Email address: [email protected]
1. Darbaz Hashm Rahman
2. Kamaran Abdalrahman Hussein

3rd FL, Presidency BLDG, University of Raparin, Main St.-Rania, Kurdistan, Iraq.
Email address: [email protected]

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