Directorate of Central Library

About Directorate of Central Library

A library is a public cultural, social and educational repository for human cultural products. In any university the library is the center of intellectual life and learning. In the Central Library of the Raparin University we provide reference and circulating volumes designed to allow easy access on the part of students and scholars to key texts and information to support their studies and research.
Library objectives:
1. To provide reference material for students in a systematic way that facilitates access.
2. Providing consultation to help students find the materials they need.
3. Providing support for researchers who require specialized research materials.
4. Providing a suitable, comfortable and collegial atmosphere in which students and researchers can study library materials.
5. Building relationships with other libraries and other educational organizations in order to find more scientific references for the readers.
6. Expanding the size of the library holdings to support the mission of the University and to support current and future programs.
Library Sections:
1. Index and classification section: This section classifies all reference and circulating volumes according to the Dewey Decimal Classification system.
2. Acquisition Section: This section is in charge of library stock development. It is responsible for purchasing or collecting donated books, reference materials, according to the current and developmental needs of the University’s Schools, Colleges, and Departments.
3. Borrowing and Reference Service Section: This section is charged with helping users access reference martials. It also offers loaning services to students, officials and teaching staff member who hold a valid university ID card. There are two types of borrowing. External borrowing for outside of the university, and internal borrowing for those who read inside the university central library.
4. Bookbinding Section: The goal of library binding is long-term preservation of all library materials. In this section we bind and repair torn and damaged books.
5. General Reading Room: Located by the entrance of the main library, this area provides a quiet and comfortable area for students and researchers to read, study or do research.
6. Library Internet: The library is equipped with a computer lab and access to the internet. Readers can use those computers to find references and materials to support their research.

Directorate of Central Library Staffs