University Logo

UoR Logo

Logo Symbols and Color Meaning

1- Logo’s Colors: the colors red, white, green and yellow, stand for the flag of Kurdistan. In addition, a brown banner is fixed to the bottom of the logo in which Raparin University’s name has been written in English.

2- Sun: Besides symbolizing the Kurdistan flag, the sun also represents enlightenment for the region. There are (24) beams in the sun, corresponding to two different historical events that happened on 24th April, 1974, when Qaladze was bombarded by Central Government forces, and 24th April, 1982, with the uprising of Qaladze’s citizens, and the year “2010” written on the logo signifies the opening of Raparin University in 2010.

3- Book: the book symbolizes study and science, the pages are the symbol of opening a new page in the history of the Kurds; furthermore, five pages on the right and three on the left symbolize the 5th of March, which is the date of the historical uprising of 5th March, 1991, starting in Rania city.

4- Pen: the nib of the pen stands for the important role of scholarship in science and education. The red, white and green flames on top of the nib (reflecting the Kurdistan flag’s colors) represents the light and knowledge cast by the University.

5- The whole Logo: the logo, as a whole, is shaped as a medal denoting a gift from the Kurdistan Regional Government to the people of the area.