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About College of Humanities

College of Humanities was established in 2004, then belonged to Koya University, on (14-11-2013) was added to Raparin University, with the College of Primary Education, but by university decree number (730) on (14-11-2013). Based on the ministerial decree number (1808) dated (28-10-2013) have been reopened as two independent colleges. The College of Humanities has two semesters: First: Morning classes: which consists of four departments (history, geography, philosophy, law, business management, insurance management) Second Evening Course: Consists of three departments (History, Geography, Business Administration)


Department of History
Department of Law
Department of Philosophy
Department of Geography
Department of Business Management

Department of History
Department of Law
Department of Geography
Department of Administration

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- College of Humanities as a strong academic foundation of Raparin University tries to play a leading role in the process of teaching and research in different branches of humanities. - Active and positive participation in educating a generation of scientists and loyal, in the fields of law, human rights and national history, experts in geographical science and natural and human resources in the Kurdistan Region, Iraq and the world Individuals and problems of contemporary society under the shadow of scientific advances and technology.


- College of Humanities in the light of the general message of Raparin University, is committed to following the latest contemporary scientific education programs. - In the bachelor's degree, students are the focus of the educational process, taking into account the needs of the public and private sectors in providing job opportunities for graduates. - In the higher education process, the subjects of the education process and scientific research of our students and teachers will respond to the current needs of society, will be put at the service of the rule of law, intellectual development and economic expansion.